About Us

Schmetterling der Hoffnung von Herz zu Herz

Wir sorgen für gleiche S T A R T chancen im Leben

We are dedicated to building a better life by caring for equal chances in life

Any person can help to create a great world
Our Mission is to help both sides to do it





„Papillon International“
Caring for equal chances in life

Papillon International is a non-government-organisation/charity organisation (NGO) , operated only by volunteers and the rooforganisation of all papillon groups in Germany, Austria and other regions.

Papillon is based in Guntramsdorf near VIENNA. It is registered since the foundation in 1996 in the austrian legal non-profit-organisations register ( Vr 1507/96, 377/99,ZVR: 317818674 ).

For the ideas and the mission of papillon there are people engaged as volunteers for charity-actions, donations, events, logistic and administration tasks.

We organise with a lot of heart´s a house-to-house aid.
We are dedicated to building a better life by caring for equal chances in life.

Board of Papillon
President / Obmann : Mag. Chr. Bouda
Vicepresident / Managing Director Africa Nord / Eastern-Central Europe: Mechtild Daun
Vicepresident / Obmannstellvertreter : Maria Kling
Boardmember for Administration : Karl Weinbacher
2.Boardmember for Administration: Ursula Gut
Chief of Finance: Mag. G. Oehling
2.Boardmember for Finance : Mechtild Daun

Project Managing Team Asia : Team Papillon Vienna

Assoc. Papillon International
Office: Guntramsdorferstr. 8A/7
A-2340 Mödling
Österreich / EC
Tel: +43 650 513 10 70
E-Mail: office@papillon-international.org

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