Special Projects


What is it?

We, Papillon International and Saphenus Medical have started the initiative “Second-Leg”. It is the professional prosthetic care of amputees who have no prostheses and cannot afford them. We organise prosthetic treatment for amputees on site and offer them the possibility to walk again. 

We bring back the independence and autonomy through their own movement.

How does it work?

1. We check the status and  find out if an amputee really wants to walk again 

2. We have collected second-hand prothesis and had them renewed by experts

3. We organise a medical check-up 

4. We organise a one-stop treatment point in one area (for example Africa/Tunis/Ben Arous) for amputees on arranged days and come with a group of experts/orthopedic technicians for prosthesis fitting and training


Because prosthetic care is not available in some countries and is not developed nationwide, we want to work with simplified prosthetic care. At the same time, we will establish local cooperation partners who will help where we cannot provide timely assistance with our digital care facilites. 










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